family seed packs

TyfuDyfi makes and distributes free seed packs for children

Since the start of the pandemic, the project has been helping local families get out in the sunshine, growing seeds and connecting with their food.

The seed packs are filled with ten different varieties of vegetable and edible flower seed. All are fun and easy to grow - from tasty runner beans and chard, to colourful nasturtiums and sunflowers. These packs are created with love by volunteers and young people from the Dyfi Biosphere. Growing your own means that the food you are consuming is fresh and healthy, but it also reduces the consumption of produce that is being shipped long distance. TyfuDyfi is excited to encourage sustainability and resilience within our community.

This year, thanks to support from EcoDyfi, TyfuDyfi seed packs will be distributed for free to every family with primary school children in the Dyfi Valley and surrounding areas. That's around 400 families! The seed packs have been distributed via local schools, with the hope that this will help the seeds reach the kids directly and ensure that every family wanting to can get involved.

If you have a seed pack and want to share your planting progress, you can follow TyfuDyfi on Instagram @TyfuDyfi, and tag them in your photo, or add the hashtag #TyfuDyfi. We’d love to see your photos!

For more information about the project and how we did it, click here.