In the Press

Planna Fwyd! has been much celebrated in the press for our ability to make it happen.

Often noted for the way in which we work, taking initiatives from the grassroots and growing them into fully functioning projects (such as TyfuDyfi Family Seed Packs), Planna Fwyd! was quickly noticed by the wider growing community and led to a number of interviews. We hope we have reached a diverse audience by speaking to S4C, The Guardian, Welsh Country Mag, Permaculture Magazine, and even royalty!

In 2020, the Guardian and Welsh Country Mag interviewed Planna Fwyd! in two articles about reflections on lockdown and the surge in home grown food.

The TyfuDyfi Family Seed packs has been celebrated as an effective and efficient project, this year [2021] delivering seed packs to 500 families in the Dyfi Valley. In 2020 the project was nominated for The Transformation Prize 2020, coming in second place.

In early June 2020, Prince William and Kate Middleton interviewed some prominent volunteering organisations and they spoke to us! They were celebrating volunteering and how essential it has been throughout the pandemic, you can see us talking to the royals here:

In this engaging podcast, Planna Fwyd! spoke to Seismic Wales:

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, many things we took for granted are now more precious to us than gold, for example simply feeling useful. Since many lost their livelihoods or became furloughed because of the pandemic, the Land Army provided a focus and a sense of purpose that many had been missing. Exercise, being in nature and fresh air does wonders for our mental health. In this article, we spoke to the Centre of Alternative Technology about the benefits of coming together as a community: