Planna Fwyd! Plant Food! Is a community initiative significantly increasing the food grown in and around Machynlleth as a response to the coronavirus. Made of aspiring and existing farmers, home growers and committed volunteers.

Planna Fwyd! Plant Food! members share their time, skills, land and equipment to create strong community action producing local food.

Local actions

  • Collating a list of potential land

  • Supporting Farmers (New and existing)

  • Bringing together a ‘land army’ of people who can help work the land

  • Supporting home growers with the skills and knowledge they need.

  • Providing Family seed packs

  • Distributing Fresh produce

  • Offering Seed swaps

  • Creating a Dyfi wide crop plan (for diverse production)

  • Pooling resources available, i.e. tractors, trailers and more.