Planna Fwyd!

Planna Fwyd! (Welsh for "Plant Food!") was a community action group formed in response to the pandemic and its impact on our food supply. 

Although Planna Fwyd! itself is no longer running, many of the successful small enterprises we set up are still running and are helping our community; such as the family seed packs, the land army and the solidarity veg boxes.

Planna Fwyd! was made up of aspiring and existing farmers, novice growers, and a committed core team of organizers. Planna Fwyd! was an entirely volunteer-run organization, in our time working together we launched many successful schemes which we are very proud of. A collective of people passionate about food equality and working together healthily as a democracy, we worked on these projects so that everyone could have access to high quality, locally grown produce through the instability of the pandemic.